Welcome to the 2018 Nationals!

The Nationals, and all that goes with it, is a fabulous time of year for greyhound enthusiasts. It sees the coming together of all involved in our sport across the country and New Zealand – and in what better location than the home of sport, Melbourne!

Not one state owns greyhound racing.

Our sport requires that we share ideas and innovations to ensure we stay in the minds of punters and those looking for a great family night out.

There’s a wonderful saying from inspirational Amercian poet, Mattie Stepanek – “Unity is strength …. when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

Greyhound Clubs Australia (GCA) is the vehicle that can drive these objectives. The committee of GCA is made up of two representatives from each state in Australia. We then co-opt other experts from state level to assist in each of our Subcommittees.

David Simonette is our inaugural Executive Officer and I take this opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding job he has done in driving acceptance of GCA as a key player in the only model that will ensure our industry growth and success.

2018 is Sandown’s turn to host … and what a show it will be!

Please come along to all that we offer. The official opening at the MCG, the various meetings where your contribution is vital, the Awards night and the Nationals themselves at Sandown Park. Take three days out of your busy schedules and contribute to the code we all love.

To register your delegates for the Conference please go to the Registration page (from the venue above). All costs will be tallied and an invoice will be forwarded to your organisation. If you have any queries in relation to the registration process, please call our Conference Co-ordinator, Blair Martin on 03 9546 9511 or email bmartin@grv.org.au

I’ll look forward to seeing you at The Nationals.


Greg Miller
CEO  |   Sandown Greyhound Racing Club